PInE Workshop "Promoting energy efficiency in SMEs"

Udine, 7th March 2013: PInE project presentation

The workshop entitled  "Promoting energy efficiency in SMEs" took place on March 7th 2013 in Udine in the premises of Associazione Piccole e Medie Industrie, in Ungheria alley, 28. During the event PInE project has been presented and also the chance for 40 SMEs to benefit from a totally funded energy audit has been explained.


Workshop programme:

16.30 PINE project presentation (dott. Fabio Tomasi - AREA Science Park)

16.50 Industrial Energy efficiency: typical problems and possible solutions (ing. Fabio Morea - AREA Science Park)

17.40 The energy audit service managed by PINE (dott. Fabio Tomasi - AREA Science Park)

18.00 Public debate


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