Assessment tool

An online tool that enables companies to make a self-assessment of their energy performance


Welcome to the PINE self-assessment tool.

This online tool enables companies from six specific production sectors to make a self-assessment of their energy performance, based on the last annual consumption period, and the main characteristics of their energy consuming systems and devices. After completing the questionnaire the tool gives a short summary of energy sources and consumption areas, and a set of generic and specific recommendations with approximate ranges of potential savings associated with the implementation of each specific recommendation.

This assessment does not replace a real energy audit and provides general recommendations that may not always be implementable or feasible at each specific case.

Click in the following link and select industrial sector. If your specific industrial sector is not in the choice, please try the closest.

To access the tool main screen there are two options:

  1. Insert login and password should you be a registered user. This option is primarily used to continue the questionnaire if it was left uncompleted at some point, or to access the results of a completed diagnostic at any time.
  2. If not a registered user, you must click here and register for the first time to access the computer questionnaire tool. A new login-password is required for every new self-assessment made.

The data entering can be interrupted and retaken at any time by using the corresponding login and password. Please make sure you have the information needed ready before you start. Once the data is validated at every section / screen there is no way to go back. To change a validated input you must start over again and create a new file with a new login and password.

The usage of this tool is free and implies the acceptance of the non-disclosure terms.

In case of doubt, please refer to the user manual document. Should you have any problems, contact